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It’s that time of year!
San Diego Comic Con 2014 kicked off today with Preview Night!
Tamashii Nations’ booth is looking awesome featuring cool S.H.Figuarts graphics!
Check us out at booth #3545. We’ll be passing out fun uchiwa.

AAHH. I need to get one of those Sailor Moon Figuarts fans

Book 3 HIATUS!



Nickelodeon have decided to give Korra Book 3 a hiatus. On Friday 25th July there will only be one episode airing instead of the previously announced two episode special. After July 25th, Book 3 will be taking a break. It is currently unknown when Book 3 will resume airing.


BTW, just to clear a few things up. I’ve followed nickandmore for a long time and haven’t known them to ever be wrong with stuff like this. They also clearly are an inside source since they previously released all Book 3 episode titles they also did the same with Book 2 and are correct with both. I am almost certain that in this situation that they are correct with the hiatus, but let’s hope for the best. The break also seems reasonable after Book 3 suffering from low ratings and many other factors.

If this is the case, your TV schedules may still say that an hour special is still airing, but sometimes it takes a while for them to update as this is a very sudden change of events.

This isn’t surprising at all considering the only reason Korra is airing now instead of when ever they wanted it to is because of the leaked episodes. It might be complete, but there might be issues, or some other reasons.

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